Breathtaking views around the world

Breathtaking views around the world

I visited and saw lots of breathtaking view points during this world journey. there have thousands face that depend on season, weather, temperature and etc..

I didn’t have plan about journey completely. I always ask to locals that “where is the best view place for you”. So I had many opportunity to visit great view points where only the locals know.

Today I wanna share Top three place around the world for me. These all pics were taken by myself. if you wanna see more, you can reach my instagram(wtfumiya).

3rd :

Guatape – Colombia 🇨🇴

TO be honest, I can’t choose the best place. Especially these three places are tie. so I just arranged pics from older when I visited it. I didn’t search anything about this place before I visited. Ive been there cuz my Colombian friends who I met in the hostel, recommended me this place. There is such a big rock. Name is “La Piedra del Peñol”. when I overlooked whole city from that rock, I was at a loss for words. it was awesome. I would like to recommend you to visit this place and stay longer there. The street are also amazing. its so colorful city! I will share these pics next time!

2nd :

Cape Town – South Africa 🇿🇦


I don’t needa share this amazing place. I think most of people have heard about Cape Town. I took this pic from Lion’s Head Mountain where is close to Table mountain. I decided to buy second house when I became rich in my future jajaja. If you stroll beach side early the morning, you can see pod of dolphins. Landscape, sky, sea, atmosphere and everything are perfect. You will be feeling like that you’re in world of a movie. You should definitely go here!!!

1st :

Cappadocia – Turkey 🇹🇷

Last one is Cappadocia. I think many people have visited to Cappadocia in Turkey to ride and see the balloon. These balloons are possible to fly 300days in a year. Because of weather. I woke up at 5am and stayed view point. when hundred balloons started flying, I felt like I’m in the Heaven. its price is US$250 for 30min. I didn’t ride balloon in this time. Cuz I’m poor students backpacker lol. Maybe next time!! Just seeing flying balloons are worth to visit here. I will definitely come back here and travel around the Turkey.

In a word

I’ve seen lots of pics of view by book, TV and something like that. so I’ve known lots of place before I visit there. But when I visited there, it’s totally different. I mean real atmosphere, air, panorama view. Everything will be special for me. I can’t explain well in English! I will continue sharing my travel. If you have any questions about me, Japan and anything, just hit me up!! instagram(wtfumiya)