World Journey — Feb. 01, 2019 ~ Feb. 04, 2020

World Journey — Feb. 01, 2019 ~ Feb. 04, 2020

I traveled 47 countries in all continents except North pole and South Pole a year.

Feb 01 2019 ~ Feb 04 2020

I’ve thought I wanna try the biggest challenge like “stake one’s life” at least one time in my life. It was World Journey for me. To be honest, I was really afraid traveling other countries by myself. Cuz I didn’t know anything about other countries, world. When I remember my journey now, it seems like I’ve just seen long dream and various emotions, to well up.

I am really happy person. Because I could meet you guys.

There were too many things really. It was never easy challenge. I can not count the days that tough day like die and crying alone on the bed cuz too upset.

Now, any kind of experience became good experience and made me stronger.

During journey, what I wanna do and what I should do in my life are in sight.

I thought and I hope that Im who saw many things and visited lots of place by myself possible to tell something to you about world, life, etc… Its one of my things that I should do.

I finished journey with a time limit. Finally I arrived place where to start challenge for an indefinite period.

I lost all staff when I spent three weeks from started journey. Thieves group stole my backpack. but I’ve written diary every day. After back to Japan, I bought new laptop. so finally I can share what I saw and where I visit.

Corona virus is coming now. So you should stay at the house all day. if you’re free, nothing to do, just visit my blog and please correct my English!!

Writing blog is kind of my new challenges! I’m still learning English.

It’s good way to improve my English. Especially now.

And if you have some questions about Japan and anything, just hit me up!! This one year, many many people helped me and gave me lots of unconditional love. So I wanna and gotta return something to foreign visitors to Japan. I will definitely help you!! Thank you for reading!